I am a big, big fan of Eyzel’s wedding blog, Project Dream Wedding.

She organized her wedding well and made really nice and thoughtful DIY projects that I found myself looking forward to reading her entries everyday.

Unfortunately, I am more of a paper craft person (beads are not my forte) so as much as I want to do our own DIY cord, I went to scout for a supplier who could customized it for us instead.

Thankfully, I found out that Eyzel started to make a business out of her talent in putting together personalized wedding cords (bless her!).    I immediately sent her a message over at Facebook and soon we were exchanging emails about the wedding cord I would want her to make for us.

I took inspiration from sis Aleng (another W@Wie) who made her own rosary cord.    I like how clean it looks and the metal trinkets blended the beads really well.   I love it.   So I asked Eyzel to make something like that and gave her our color motif.

In less than a week’s time, our wedding cord was done.   She sent me pictures of the final product and I almost cried when I saw it.   It is beautiful.  Exactly as I envisioned it.  Lovely, lovely thing for our wedding.

Brown and light green beads (the closest colors to our chocolate brown and pistachio green motif) added color to the clear white beads that I requested for the Hail Mary’s.

Eyzel added a nice touch to the connector in the middle by putting our initials in them.

Can’t wait to get this by tomorrow or Tuesday!

Thank you so much, Eyzel and may you continue to share your talents with the other brides out there who can’t figure out how to make a cord from beads hehe.

Update:  The wedding cord is already with me.  I showed this to AJ whose only comment was: “Ang ganda-ganda-ganda!”.   Enough said.   =)