Our venue set-up is going to be simple.   We chose the simplest and yet elegant table setting from Hizon’s portfolio.

Here’s how each table is going to be made up:

To put a personal touch on this, I requested Hizon’s to just fold the table napkins into rectangles (like you normally see in hotels) and to place it in a table napkin holder that I personally made.  

Here’s how I did the napkin holders:

I bought special "cartolinas" in chocolate / dark brown hues from The Wrap Shop and SM Department Store (too bad I discovered about the much cheaper cartolinas in SM much, much later huhu.   The price there is cheaper by 50%!).  

Anyway, the cartolinas were cut into short bond paper-size which I later cut into 3 equal parts, like these:

Then I individually cut our monogram stickers (all 170 of them!) using teflon-covered scissors to prevent your scissors from getting sticky after (available at National Bookstore).

Next, I folded each cut-out brown cartolina into my desired width, joined both ends of each cartolina with double-adhesive tape, then pasted the monogram sticker in the middle.

Here’s the finished product:

It’s just bad that my cellphone camera cannot reflect the green shade of our monogram.    I love the shimmering glow of the brown cartolinas.   It really enhanced the monogram sticker in the middle.

Anyway, I am glad to have finished this project early.    So far, it’s the only item I could think of that will personalize our table set-up a bit.   We will also be serving nuts and chips as additional appetizers but I will let Hizon’s provide the containers.   Or maybe we should, if we want it to be unique and to give our guests something to munch on and talk about.

What about you?  How did you personalize the table set-up of your wedding party?