My brother has been prodding us to try Chicboy with branches at Jupiter Street and in front of Makati City Hall (if you’re from Makati).

We went there today for our lunch and at around 11 am, the store is not packed with the weekend lunch crowd.   I guess this is the best time to have lunch there, as the place is always packed full (according to my brother).

Food orders are taken over-the-counter.  (that’s not me placing orders, btw)

We ordered for the Chicken Inasal set (at P99 / set, you get a small bowl of soup, the Chicken Inasal and a cup of rice).

Here’s our bullion-cube chicken soup:

The Chicken Inasal set (it’s smaller than the servings at Chicken Bacolod, but this one’s much, much cheaper):

Comparing Chicboy’s Inasal with Bacolod Chicken, I would go for the latter anytime.  This tasted more like a Chicken BBQ.  I was expecting for a crispy chicken skin, like the way they do it at Bacolod Chicken.

I wish I tried the Cebu Lechon Manok instead, seeing that Marjorie enjoyed their liempo version (see her short but sweet food review here).

My brother also ordered their Bangus Sisig (P75.00 per serving):

We were not able to finish this one because it’s not that good.  It lacked flavors and reminded me more of a ginisang bangus.  They should have put in more onions, and flavorful onions at that.

Overall, our experience at Chicboy was just so-so (but for me, it’s a disappointment).   Although their meals are really pocket-friendly (their immediate competitor would be Mang Inasal),  I would not recommend this for those looking for authentic Chicken Inasal.      The best in town would still be Bacolod Chicken.