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Tomorrow is March 28, 2011, exactly 2 months before our big day!

Gosh, I suddenly went cramming over our check list to see what else needs to be done.   Let’s do a run-down, shall we?

1.  Church Requirements

Done.  All documents submitted to Don Bosco early this month.  Will just complete the payment and get the readings needed for the misallette.  Ay, I need to ask pa pala how the church songs will be played.  We’re entitled to a soloist but I’d rather have an organ player.   All the other songs (i.e. bridal march, processional, etc.) will be recorded (we’re having a hard time looking for the piano pieces of some of our songs so we just burned a copy of our choice songs).

2.  Venue

Final layout at the Pergola is done and already coordinated with our caterer.  Will probably do an ocular after the Holy Week for last minute instructions.   Lights and sounds provider will be taken care of by the Pergola.  Final installment is also due in April.  

3.  Caterer

Food tasting and detailing with Hizon’s Catering all done.    Last payment installment due 1st week of May.   Just coordinating few additional instructions with our planner, Grace.

4.  My Gown

Final fitting done at Carmen Lazaro Couture shop this month.   Will just schedule gown pick-up in May.  No more second fitting (no need!).

5.  Entou gowns

Already distributed to the girls this month.   All went fine, thank you Ms. Marilenn and Ms. Lili!   The Groomsmen will wear their own barongs.  

6.  Rings

Rings already with us since February.  Matus Jewellery is so nice to deal with.   Very professional and delivered well.

7.  Mothers’ Dresses

Due for pick-up at Hazel Garcia’s shop 2nd week of April.  

8.  Groom’s Barong

Scheduled for fitting and viewing of pina cloth at Hazel’s shop 2nd week of April.

9.  Photo Wall  (in lieu of photobooth)

A work in progress.    Photo wall instructions already printed.   Can’t wait to see the output!

10.  Hotel Preps (Hotel Celeste)

Booked already and have made a downpayment.  Will make another installment payment in April, so that our final balance will not be that big when we check out after the wedding preps.

11.  Invitations  (will blog about this soon!)

Ready for distribution!   Wink delivered fast!   Have started sending the digital copy to friends and relatives abroad.   Distribution to relatives and friends here in Pinas will start after the holy week.

12.  Florist (for bridal bouquet and entou’s flowers)

Will meet Ate Jo of Love In Bloom on April 3 to finalize the flower details.  I know about the negative feedback she got from another client that’s why our meeting is kind of important to me.   I want all bases covered.   Ate Jo wants just that, too.   She knows her craft well, I can very well see that but force majuere is something both the client and supplier has no control over with.   We will both deal with that shortcoming of hers in the past by making sure that all flowers in my package will surely be available on my wedding date.   Alternative options will also be discussed. 

13.  HMUA

Down payment has been made.   I think Chichi and I will meet again on the wedding day itself.

14.  Guest List

Finally, it is done.   That’s why we can distribute the invitations already.   It really helps to have a manageable number of guests.   And sticking to it.     It also helps that you make some rules in listing down the guests to your wedding.   

15.  OTD Coordinator (Kasal Kasali Kami or KKK)

Chi (not of the famed OAB wedding coordination services) is very helpful so far (and I hope it stays that way hehe!) and at this point I still doesn’t feel the need to make kulit with her.   Our wedding programme is simple (no big production numbers there) so I hope the organizers won’t leave any instructions (not that much, for now) undone.  

16.  Script for the Wedding Programme

Our friend will emcee the event so AJ and I have to do the programme script ourselves. We started on it already and amazingly, we are having fun doing it!   Hopefully after the Holy Week we can meet up with our friend-emcee to discuss it.

17.  DIY Projects

All done (table numbers, table napkins, photo wall instructions), except for the little dress up for our bible.   We plan to buy the bible next month but I already have with me the ribbons and laces to be used to give it a little personal touch.

18.  Music for the reception and reception ceremonies


19.  Gifts for the Principal Sponsors and Entourage

Ms. Cielo of Towel Cakes by Montecielo will email to me the sample anytime next month.  Am excited to see it already!

We will also provide additional gift in form of chocolates from Sophia’s Chocolat.  Am sure they will love it!

20.  Wedding Logistics

This one is ongoing.   We still have to decide about the van rental service to get for AJ’s relatives from the US.   Plus other logistical nightmares that we anticipate are being discussed now so that when we meet with our coordinator, all will be resolved or taken care of.

I think we got everything covered.   Geez….only 2 months to go???  Can it be that fast????!!!   I’m excited and fidgety at the same time!   Hehe!