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We initially wanted a photobooth for the guests and have, in fact, booked one last year.  

Then I saw this:..

And this…

And also this…

I casually emailed these DIY photowall pictures to my sis-in-law who fell hard in love with them as I did.

Imagine my surprise when she told me that she’s going to gift me and AJ with our own photo wall for the  wedding.    Wow!  We couldn’t be more happier!  

So we sold our reservation on the photobooth over at W@W.   Aphol bought our reservation.   Our transaction did not end there as we continued to update each other regarding our wedding preps.  She became a good friend of mine (thanks to W@W!) and we are just excited over each other’s wedding!     I will tell you more about Aphol in my future posts.

Back to the photo wall, last February, my sis-in-law surprised me with this mock illustration of our photowall:

I almost cried for joy!    I can already imagine the guests taking pictures of themselves in here!!

The real thing is now a work in progress.  Will definitely post pictures of the actual photowall once it is done   =)