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When I had my trial make-up with Chichi last year, her assistant, Steph styled my hair like this:

The back curls is pretty but I think it looks messy.

I am leaning towards a "clean bun" look now and is thinking if the following hairstyles will look good on me:

Hairstyle # 1 is worn by Jessica Alba.  I like this but problem is, my hair does not have the right volume and might look messy also.

Hairstyle # 2 is a classic bun with a flower.    I can ask my florist to make fresh flower hairpiece for me  =)   It’s clean and easy to maintain (from church to the reception venue). 

Hairstyle # 3 is a braided bun.   Very, very romantic and already an eye-catcher even without a hair piece.

Hairstyle # 4 is ideal for long, straight hair.   I would choose this hands down if only I have both!

Hairstyle # 5 is Rica Peralejo’s up-do on her fab wedding.     I wish I have her oval-shaped face, as I think it went perfectly well with her bridal up-do.

Which style is best for me?   So many choices, I didn’t know it’ll be this hard to choose!