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I am now ready to present the sample wedding favors I made last night and early today, using the materials we bought at Chocolate Lovers yesterday.

Our inspiration?   Ferrero Rocher chocolates!

We’re not really big fans of these but we do love getting them as gifts hehe!

Here are the choco balls, ready for their dress up!

Armed with the plastic square boxes, I came up with this:

Prototype #1:  I placed 9 choco balls in the mini-box which is just right, but my mom said it looks "bitin" .  Especially since the top cover is still too far from the base so you can see the empty space in between.

Prototype #2:  What I did was I literally "popped" the plastic base upward using my hands so that its convex-shaped mold is turned into a concave-shaped one.   When I placed the chocolates there (adding 4 more, making it 12 choco balls instead of 9), the top cover no longer looked "too high" from the base of the mini-box.

Side-view of Prototype #2:

See?  The "dome" doesn’t look so high anymore.  

Packaging the little box went easy.  I just used the left-over monogram stickers we have, and some of the silver ribbon we bought at Chocolate Lovers, to come up with this:

Yikes!  I made a photoshop blunder, hence the choco balls look "jaundish" instead of  "shimmery gold". 

And the cost?   Here’s a rough estimate:

– Mini square box – P3.50
– Chocolates (about P0.87 for each choco ball, if bought wholesale) – P10.44 for 12 chocoballs
– Ribbon (each roll is 33 yards long and I can already make 139 pcs. of 8.5-inch ribbons with it) = P0.43
– Sticker paper and printing (cost is negligible since I’m using left over monogram stickers)

Total = P14.37 or P15.00 per give-away!   Yehehey!

What do you think?  We are liking prototype #2 better than #1, how about you?