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As someone who isn’t very familiar with flowers and with no particular preferences, I thought I’ll have a hard time looking for our florist.


It’s a good thing Hizon’s will take care of the flowers during the wedding party  and our Church will provide for the flowers already.  So I only have to look for a florist who will take care of my bouquet and the flowers for the entourage.  

I read about Love in Bloom through a LA’s blog.  LA (who got married last December) wrote about how affordable and beautiful Ate Jo’s flowers were.


On this feedback alone, I set a meeting with Ate Jo July last year.   We met at Mary Grace’s in Serendra (sosyal hehe!).  I immediately liked her, and AJ and I just marveled at the many flower arrangements she has done for her bride clients.  They were all beautiful. 

We proceeded to discuss my package, and I remember her being so makulit about the small entourage I have hehe!  She made suggestions on the flowers to be used for in the entourage (i.e. principal sponsors, mother of the bride/groom, and so on) and I was just happy with her ideas. 


The only non-negotiable then was that I want white tulips for my bouquet.    On that first meeting, I already felt that she is a friend.  Magaan ang loob ko sa kanya.


Months passed and my gad, I kept discovering about other bouquet arrangements online!   I think there were 2x that I changed my mind on the bouquet I want hehe!   But it should still have tulips.


Then a negative feedback about her surfaced at W@W and in this blog.  I was saddened by this of course but reading the bride’s story, I know somehow that this could have been avoided. Compromises could have been made, saving the bouquet and the bride from disappointment.  


My immediate reaction to the blog post was not “Oh my, I better change supplier fast!” but “I have to discuss this with her soonest.”    I did just that.  I called Ate Jo and we discussed the incident.   I could sense the helplessness in her voice not just because the incident was a failure on her part, but because she made sure she will still deliver, given the circumstances and our demands as brides, but was not able to do so.           


Our conversation made me appreciate her more as a supplier because she did not deny her shortcomings but I could very well see the efforts she put to avoid the incident from happening.   


Moving forward, last April 3 (that was Sunday), Ate Jo and I met again at our usual spot to discuss the final flower combination to use in my bouquet and those of the entourage.   We talked about many things during our meeting, including the realizations from her past client that made her stronger and finally my final, final idea of the bridal bouquet. 


So allow me to give you a sneak preview of the flowers she will use on my wedding  =)  The pictures finally came clear to me because we were able to pick the final flowers that will go for me, my groom and my entourage:

For my bouquet, we will have:

White Tulips

White Roses

White Alstroemeria

and Anastacia Green Flowers.

For our Entourage, Principal Sponsors and Mothers, Ate Jo will use:

Light Green Roses

White Casablancas (note to self:  tell Ate Jo to remove the red-chilis in the flowers)

White Hyacinth (for AJ’s boutonniere)

Light Pink Carnations (pink is not in our motif but this is a good shade that will add "color" to our chocolate brown and pistachio green motif)

Hydrangea Green Flowers

Million Stars (as fillers)

Whew! I never got to read about and memorize plenty of flower names, except now.   I hope I got all flowers covered!

Btw, Ate Jo was such an angel last Sunday, she added the bridal car flowers in my package for free!  She will also do the floral hairpiece I will wear on the big day!  Yahoo!

For more details about Love in Bloom’s wedding packages, you may reach Ate Jo at:

Tel. no: 2121401 / 2402974 / 2402306 Mobile: 0926-6189290 / 0905-3236396
E-mail add: jocelyn_pafin@yahoo.com / loveinbloom18@gmail.com