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I’m just curious, which items would/did you splurge, and which items would/did you save on your wedding?

As for us, we splurged on the food and venue for the wedding reception.     Together, they made up 60% of our wedding budget.    We reckoned that it’s the food that the guest will remember the most and yes, the programme!   

We also splurged on the hotel for the wedding preps, because 1/3 of the wedding pictures will be in the hotel preps so it better be picture-worthy!   We booked Hotel Celeste for this.

On the other hand, we decided to save cost on the following:

1.  Invitations – we got an invitation supplier but I DIY-ed the Entourage Card to save on printing cost.

2.  HMUA – I got the package for bridal HMUA services only.   My entourage agreed to have their own make-up and hair covered by them.  Actually, they preferred this set-up too.

3.  Entourage Dresses – as I have mentioned in my previous posts, my entourage shouldered half of the cost of their dresses while the gents will just wear their own barongs.

4.   Pre-Nup pictures – I scouted for freenups and got one!

5.  Wedding Gown – I looked for a couture who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for a wedding gown.  

6.  Give-aways – we also did not wish to splurge on this as not all guests do take home give-aways.

The rest were budgeted according to our preferences.  Like for example, the wedding ring – we decided first on the design and then scouted around for the usual prices.  We were able to set the budget then, and used that as the haggling point during the bridal fair where we got our rings

I am also thankful that our photo+video package will be provided free by my brother!   His wife (my sis-in-law) will take care of our photowall (in lieu of the photobooth!).   That saved us a looootttt!    Come to think of it, these are the only sponsored items in our wedding hehe!   But I’m not complaining!

What about you?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a message at my comment page!     I would love to hear from you!