AJ and I were able to try the new Papa John’s Pizza last week.   We were at Greenhills looking for some computer stuff when we saw this new pizza parlor just beside National Bookstore in Annapolis Street.

The place, being new, is a crowd drawer.  You will immediately smell the pizzas being baked when you enter the door.   It’s very inviting, I mean the pizza smell, so it’s not surprising that we suddenly felt hungry and ordered for their famous pepperoni pizza.

Here’s Papa John’s famous pepperoni pizza:

Doesn’t it look great?  I swear this is the best pepperoni we’ve tried.  The dough is superbly well-done and tasted like an excellent bread.  The generous pepperoni toppings is just…well…generous!   And the cheese!  Thankfully the cheese didn’t overpower the pepperonis.  Unlike other pizzas where you can see more yellow than red, this one did not scrimp on both.

There’s plentiful of food to choose from Papa John’s menu:

We got curious with the “Diablo Burst” which is their version of Spicy Arriabbiata Pasta so we also ordered one.

The serving may look small but it’s actually good for two!

It’s really hot and spicy!

We also ordered these Cheese Sticks (or Cheese Bread? Sorry I forgot already) which is also good!   It comes with a butter garlic sauce which, if generously spread over the cheese sticks or bread, will make you feel full already.

I don’t know what cheese varieties they used here but it’s so good, especially while hot.

Papa John’s Pizza is located at Annapolis Road, Greenhills, San Juan.   They also have branches at Taft Avenue (University Mall) and Robinson’s Galleria in QC.

By the way, the branch at Annapolis accept deliveries but only in the areas of Greenhills and San Juan.   You can place your orders at these numbers:  721-9676 and 722-2612.  Visit their website (www.papajohns.com.ph) for more of their pizzas.