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1.  My coordinator, Chillette of Kasal Kasali Kami (KKK) emailed me today to inquire about our next meeting.   When I asked her if we can meet this Saturday, she said it’s okey with her but it’s going to be our last meeitng na raw.   In short, it’s the turn-over na.    Nyek.   Medyo na-off ako dun but anyway, I told her that I will just schedule it in May since we are still finalizing some details for the Church, etc.

2.  Ms. Hazel Garcia confirmed that we can pick up the gowns for my Ninang and AJ’s mom this Saturday yehey!  Will let you know how the gowns fared with the "intended recipients".   Also, AJ, his dad, kuya and pamangkin will be at Hazel’s shop for the barong fittings and to choose the designs.   

3.  On Sunday (that’s Palm Sunday) we will meet with one of our Ninongs and Ninangs at ATC in Alabang.   They’re the first pair we will be giving the invitation to.  The rest we plan to distribute after the Holy Week.

4.  AJ will also go to our Church anytime this week to submit the Misallette with all the readings we want.  Hopefully it gets approved on the first draft hehe.  And we have to ask Ms. Ging also if we can hear the soloist  (pa-sample, ika nga).

5.  My mom got her dress from Mrs. Lili already (whom I met last Saturday at the Podium) and all we did last night was just try on the different styles!  She wants the tube-dress style for her at the reception, naks daig pa ako!

6.  We did an ocular at the Pergola last Saturday and we’re assisted by the very maasikaso Kuya Nilo!   It was a good thing AJ and I made this trip because we realized that we will need live video feed for the place so that those at the back can see the activities in front.    Ms. Lynn (one of my favorite suppliers so far) very kindly assisted me (thru texts as she is on leave that day) in submitting our requirements to their in-house lights and sounds and video provider, CAC.    

7.  I texted CAC today to relay our video and other requirements and am just awaiting for the quotations (I hope it’s less than P10k! Allergic na k’me sa gastos! Hehe!

That’s it.   We were able to do much last weekend but it seems that there are more things up our sleeves this week!