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I love w@w!    Joining this group is a must for all future brides out there!   I regret not having joined a little bit earlier, but it’s okey, I was able to get most of our suppliers through this group. 

Just like Sis Joy of the Monogram Hub.   She did her own wedding monograms and I remember how we w@wies raved about them.   Her DIY projects were so classy, especially since red is their wedding color!  I never fail to check her wedsite to see what’s she’s up to  =)  

Like Eyzel (the princess (now a queen) who did my wedding cord), Joy decided to share her talents to us by offering her services on monogram design.  

But her offer came a bit too late as we already had ours done by another talented ex-bride, Ms. Ana Rotor of Ink Works.

Still, I emailed Joy and asked if she can also design our seat plan.   I was so elated when she replied "sure, no problem!"  (I did cartwheels in my mind!).     Now I will have something from Joy too!   I’m sure our seat plan will turn out well with Joy as our "graphic designer" (sorry can’t find a better term hehe).

And oh, here are some the wedding monograms she has made for her brides:

She’s so galing!  Thanks Joy for accommodating my request  =)   You’re really a joy to my world!