Have you tried a peanut butter banana sandwich?

I was surprised to find one on my desk earlier after coming from a meeting.  Turned out one of my officemates is celebrating her birthday today (Happy Birthday, M!) and she treated the whole department with sandwiches from The Sandwich Guy.

I got really curious with my sandwich and can’t resist opening and trying it right  there and then.

The packaging is neat and oil-proof!   

I was surprised to learn that peanut butter + bananas makes an explosive combination.

The bananas were fresh and I could see hints of cinnamon powder there which also added a nice flavor to it.  The peanut butter is not oily nor super sticky (both of which I don’t like).  The wheat bread is also fresh. 

Btw, the sandwich is big, so I was able to finish only half of it. 

Kids will surely love it, while adults will find it as the perfect "before-gym" snacks with the carbo packed in it.   

As for me, it’s a snack I would surely have again to relieve stress and to enjoy fully my afternoon breaks.

The Sandwich Guy already  has 11 branches in the Metro.  Their products are perfect for those on night duty or those always on the go and cannot have a proper lunch at the office.  The sandwich I had was really fresh.    You can also tell with the way they are packaged and done that the people behind The Sandwhich Guy  put premium in all their products.

I will definitely try their other sandwiches as well.