My coordinator, Ms. Chillette of Kasal, Kasali Kami emailed me today to give the wedding checklist which will guide me in the last month (almost!) of our wedding preps.

There are 2 sets of items that she wants me to check / update, which will be our guiding points when we meet around 2 weeks before the wedding.

I find the list helpful so I’m posting them below to help the other brides out there with or without a wedding coordinator. 

Checklist before meeting with the coordinator (on-the-day coordinator):

1.    CD (onsite edit)
2.    CD (photo AVP)
3.    CD (reception songs)
4.    Guestbook wih pen
5.    List of Single Ladies (for the bouquet game, I guess)
6.    List of Single Men (for the garter toss)
7.    Guest List with Table No. assignments
8.    Invitation / RSVP
9.    Misalettes
10.  Payments to suppliers (better pay in check noh?)
11.  Reception Layout
12.  Reception Program

Photocopy of Supplier Contracts:

1.    Bridal Car
2.    Cake
3.    Caterer
4.    Church
5.    Designer
6.    Emcee
7.    Flowers
8.    HMUA
9.    Hotel
10.  Invitations (I don’t think this is necessary)
11.  Lights and Sounds
12.  Musicians / Band
13.  Photographer
14.  Souvenirs
15.  Videographer

What a long list!  But there are items I can tick out because we won’t be having them like the garter and bouquet toss.   I want to preserve my flowers hehe!  

Anyway, I hope you’ll find use in the list above.   =)    This list is for an OTD coordinator service, I’m just not sure if the same applies for partial or full coordination.