In a few weeks, AJ and I will start cleaning our apartment and arrange the boxes of things we have been dumping there so far like our books and clothes, Christmas gifts that have accumulated for the past years , among others.

I am not really creative when it comes to home design but I have an eye for nice and, unfortunately, pricey things hehe.   Since we are not  a moneyed couple, I have to be extra creative and do resort to more DIY projects for our first home.  

I have always wanted to have a cozy living room that smells great and is very conducive for reading books or simply to entertain our guests.   So among the things I want to put in there are the following:

A colorful damask lamp like this.  The green shade is a winner and the blue lamp base is just cool!

Joan Ottoman Chair from Heima.    It’s very much like a Cath Kidston print that I’m crazy about!

It would also be great if we can have afternoon tea using these mismatched English Tea Set:

And finally, bookcases from Mandaue Foam where we can place our books:

Mandaue Foam’s Pebbles Bookcase

I also plan to put votive candles in the living room, and it’s going to be from Alice Blue Candles.

Side story:  we almost ordered these for our wedding give-aways but decided on chocolates in the end.  My favorites scents are the Orange Clove and Baby Shower.

Now for the bedroom – who wouldn’t want to own a Daphne Linens bedsheet set?

In fact we have included them in our bridal registry list hehe and I really hope somebody will gift us with a set or two.

You probably noticed that I did not place any kitchen items.   The kitchen is AJ’s forte and territory (I’d prefer to keep it that way hehe).   I am really after our comfort especially after a hard day’s (or night’s, in AJ’s case) work. 

What about you?  What are in your wish list when it comes to decorating your home?  =)