Last weekend I managed to see the actual output of AJ’s mom’s dress and my wedding gown as well (90% done). 

Saturday – Hazel Garcia’s Shop

Aside from ordering the barongs, we finally got AJ’s mom’s dress.   It was finished on time.  But since AJ’s mom can’t come with us that day, we managed to fit it on her only when we got home.  

The fit was okey, but I didn’t like the cut.  It was not the same as the peg I submitted to Hazel.  The length was perfect, it was not too long nor too short.   It was just that the top portion of the dress was made too long it extended to her waist when in my peg, it was supposed to be up to the bust line only and then it’s empire cut all the way down.

Thankfully, Hazel was very accommodating and said that she will repair it (or re-do it?).  AJ will bring back the dress on Tuesday. 

Sunday – Carmen Lazaro Couture (CLC)

Then on Saturday night, I got a text from Von if I can have my final fitting on Sunday.   Since our appointment at ATC is still at 12.30 in the afternoon, I confirmed my appointment with him at 11:00 a.m.

My gown is already 90% done.   But the ruffles in the skirt were done differently, so I requested that it be changed to one that is very much like my peg.   Von agreed and the pick-up of my gown will be after the Holy Week.

I can’t emphasize enough the "perfect-ness" of my gown’s fit.   I really am impressed with the bodice and the invisible corset in it.  I feel am wearing Mitch Dulce’s corset when I have my CLC gown on hehe.   The craftmanship is also good, I am really happy I had them do my wedding gown.

I’ll reserve my final feedback for Hazel and CLC after the wedding.    Thus far, I am happy with the way they handle  my requests – without complaints and without questions.    I am happy they’re like friends whom I can openly tell my wants.    I don’t need to be a bridezilla .  Thank God.