I thought we will find our "non-traditional" wedding arrhae at Greenhills, but we got it at Forever 21!

Jewelry box in silver and brown metallic design.  Made in India.  Price tag = P305.00 (no discount, sayang)

We won’t be needing an arrhae pillow for this anymore, especially since our arrhae bearer is an adult hehe. 

We really love this jewelry box-turned-arrhae.   Too bad my cellphone camera can’t do justice to this sparkling beauty.  But I’m sure our wedding pictures will.  =)

Now that our  wedding symbols are complete, I can go slow with the rest of the preparations.  Oh, the coins inside is a surprise  =)  We played "treasure hunt" at Greenhills earlier today in search for our wedding coins.   You will see it in the wedding pictures hehe!

The only thing left for me to do this week is the dressing up of our ring pillow.  I was told that we won’t be needing wedding candles and matches anymore, our church will take care of it  (yey!)

Meantime, I pray that the storm battling Manila right now will go away.   This sudden May storm is giving me stress right now. 

Lord, please gift us with a good weather on our wedding.  Amen.