My package with Carmen Lazaro Couture (c/o Von Lazaro) came with the following wedding accessories:

1.  Arrhae (will not use this; we looked for our own arrhae)
2.  Cord (will not use this; personalized cord ordered from Eyzel)
3.  Secondary Veil
4.  Main Veil (will not use this; my sis-in-law will lend to me the veil she used in her own wedding.  It’s going to be my "something borrowed", together with her bridal shoes)
5.  Hair piece (very nice one!   I might use this one)
6.  Arrhae Pillow (will not use this; our arrhae is better off carried without a pillow)
7.  Wedding Ring Pillow

Here’s the wedding ring pillow provided to me by CLC:

It’s too plain, right?   So, using my left over ribbons and lace that I used for our wedding bible, I was able to transform this generic wedding ring pillow into a personalized and vintage-y like one:

I took out the shapeless ribbon in the middle, glued some left over satin brown ribbon I have on all sides of the pillow (mainly to hide those uneven stitching and peeking loose threads) and sew the lace over the pillow by hand. 

Then I cut some of the white organza ribbon used in the original pillow and sew it there in the middle with the left over light green satin ribbon, to hold the rings.   I glued the loose white flowers (left over also from my bible project) to the white organza ribbon and let them hang loose, for added effect.

Here’s the wedding pillow, up close.  I just love the lace!

This picture, like the rest above, were taken using my Sony Ericsson W995 phone.  I wish all my pictures are as crisp and clear as this last one hehe.

I hope you enjoyed this little post.  My wedding accessories are now complete   =)