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AJ was able to pick up his mom’s dress and our Ninang’s dress from Hazel’s shop in Tutuban last week.  The delivery dates were moved twice, I think, but it’s a good thing I ordered early (precisely to account for the possible delays).  Hazel also tries to impose a 2-week production time for each order so it does not accumulate, and does not sacrifice the quality of the dress being made.

For AJ’s mom, the final dress (after adjustments) now fitted perfectly.    That was a big sigh of relief on my part.    For our Ninang (also my Tita), the first try of her dress was perfect already – no alternations needed at all!  And the best part is – Hazel was able to execute very well the design she wanted (many drapings and use of jersey fabric). Our Ninang is very happy with the output.

Kudos to Hazel and her team for the work well done.  Next in the pipeline are AJ’s barong and the barongs we ordered for his dad, Kuya and nephew.   AJ’s going to pick them up this Thursday. 

Then my mom’s dress (a surprise Mother’s Gift from me) will be ready by Sunday this week also.

Can’t wait to see them!