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We had a very fruitful Saturday, AJ and I, as we met with our coordinator, Lyn of Kasal Kasali Kami (KKK).

This time, we discussed about so many things that AJ and I managed to finished our tall Latte from Starbucks.  We met at 6750 in Ayala (the place where we also had our initial meeting). 

Aside from turning over copies of our supplier contracts, I also provided Lyn (who was with her hubby who is part of our team) my own checklist (of items for the church, reception, etc.), the list of the entourage with their contact numbers, copy of the venue layouts, copy of our misalette and copy of our programme.

I really enjoyed our discussions and was thankful that they made suggestions for the reception which I previously overlooked. 

Overall, I like how KKK works (so far) and I realized now why only 1 meeting is enough for the turn-over.  You see, we brides will still change our minds on the details as the wedding gets nearer, so it’s really best to meet up with your coordinator when everything is done and finalized and ready for, well, turn over.    Meeting up for 2-3 more times might just confuse both of you for the changes that will be incorporated later on.

Coordinators will also plan their schedules and movements on the wedding day itself.    That’s why I took it upon myself to go an extra mile and prepared a detailed checklist for their and my use.   The reception program script (which I also  prepared) indicated their roles in each part of the program.  That way, they will have an idea not only of the program flow but also of  when should they be ready with the props, etc.

After the turn-over, I felt so much relieved because from hereon, Lyn and her team will do the works. 

I feel so much accomplished too, now I’ve done my part as far as the wedding preparations are concerned.