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We’re almost done with our chocolate wedding favors!  

If you have been following this blog, you’d know that our wedding favors will just be a DIY project.   I showed the sample I made here, using the chocolates and packaging we bought at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao.

Finally, we were able to start on them last Tuesday, and my dad helped me assemble the chocolate goodies.

Here’s our chocolate balls packed in the mini-square box that has a chocolate brown base:

For those interested in this project, a kilo of Chocolate Lover’s chocoballs have around 330+ chocoballs and can make 27 pieces of give-aways with 12 chocoballs each.   

I decided to put green ribbons instead of silver to show our color motif.  Here’s the final output:

We will temporarily store them in old cardboard boxes we have at home:

My dad and I are doing 54 pieces each night and we’ve now assembled 108 pieces.   We will finish them by Friday, just right with my schedule!

Special thanks goes to my cousin, Mae and her mom (my Ninang) who helped in cutting out the green ribbons and pressing the brown mini-square box upward to make each base shallow.  

The monogram stickers, on the other hand, were printed and cut by me long, long time ago hehe. 

Wedding Favors = checked and ready for distribution!