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Remember Carl and Ellie from the movie, "Up"?

I really love their story, especially their adventure in trying to fulfill Ellie’s wish of seeing the Paradise Falls in South America.

I especially remember the scenes where they were just married and have moved in to their new home.   They each have a chair that is reflective of their characters:


AJ and I loved their concept so much that we decided to have one for ourselves as well.

We looked at different furniture shops for our perfect chairs, until finally we found them at Mandaue Foam.

Here’s our own, distinctive chairs, with the design and fabric especially chosen by us:

Mine is the one in left, with 2 types of fabrics used.  AJ opted for a much grander chair (in right).  We’re really happy with the craftmanship of Mandaue Foam.  Our little apartment is looking chic and cozy with these future heirlooms.

The little chair covers  were meanwhile bought at Divisoria for P50.00 a piece hehe.  They are reversible, by the way.   You see the two designs (orange and in brown) in the picture above.  The throw pillow, on the other hand, is an extra one from our sofa, also from Mandaue Foam (will post picture soon). 

Now that our adventure as husband and wife is about to begin in a week’s time, we are pleased that our character chairs are now ready.   I can already imagine us reading our favorite books, watching re-runs of our favorite DVDs or entertaining guests in this spot for the months and years to come.

And like Carl and Ellie, we will also look for our own "Paradise Falls", our own adventure of the lifetime, while slowly building a home out of our little apartment  (until we have saved up for our own house).