AJ and I finally achieved our vision of a comfy chic living room with….

1.  Our 3-seater sofa (bought at big, big discount from Mandaue Foam)
2.  Curtains with damask design (on sale at 50% off at SM)
3.  Side table (they’re actually big storage boxes placed on top of each other and covered with a cute round tablecloth hehe)

4.  Accent table (made by my dad!) with a rustic lamp (a wedding gift from my officemate) and square frames with abstract designs (wedding gifts from my grad school classmate).  I still want to improve this look by putting a bird cage and other nice stuff, but this will do for now.

5.  Our accent chairs (one for me and one for AJ) complete the look of our living room. 

I’m excited for the house warming!