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I’ve been bragging about our photo wall as early as March 2011 hehe.    This thing is the one I’m excited about, next to my gown.   I am both happy and proud to have people around me who loves me enough to help make this "wish list" or "nice-to-have" an actual masterpiece.

The photo wall, as I’ve mentioned before, was a wedding gift from my sis-in-law, Juvvy.    She knew the right people to contact and construct this using the pegs we saw at the internet.

Again, here’s our inspiration:

Here’s our version of the photowall:

And to make this an even exciting piece, we ran a contest (yes, a contest!) involving the photowall.  

We asked our guest to check it out and have their pictures taken and emailed to us.  The picture that best showed the guest/s having fun  will get a gift certificate from Sanuk worth P1,000    =)

Here are some of the entries sent to us through email:

And our winning photo entry is….

Hehe!   AJ and I had a great time looking at the entries and picking the best among them.  

Here is me handing over the "prize" to our winner, Ms. EMM:

Pardon my "unkept" look.  I’m back to my "manang" look hehe.

If you are a Pergola bride and is interested in renting the photo wall, you may inquire directly from Ms. Rachel or Ms. Lyn about it   =)  

I guarantee your guests’ satisfaction with this one.  It’s something unique and undoubtedly fun!