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We’ve always wanted a chocolate-colored cake for our wedding.    And since our wedding cake is packaged with Hizon’s, I chose a design that is easy to replicate to make sure that it will come out nicely.

Here’s our inspiration for the cake:

Instead of butterflies, we asked Hizon’s to inform Top Cakes, their wedding cake supplier, to put in white flowers.

We also requested that the cake flavor be in vanilla, instead of chocolate or carrot.    We only added P400.00 for the customization of the cake design.

Here’s our actual wedding cake, beatifully captured by my brother:

Top Cakes was able to execute our dream cake well and within our expectations.   It may not be in the same color as our peg but we loved it nonetheless.  It was also very delicious, so we could not complain at all hehe!

I absolutely love the flower details.  I don’t remember telling Grace (our Planner at Hizon’s) of the type of flowers to put on the cake, but I really like it and credit goes to Top Cakes for putting pretty flowers that enhanced the cake.  

Service:   Very Satisfactory
Output:    Very Satisfactory  (very delicious, if I may add)
Price:      Very, Very Satisfactory (they’re packaged with Hizon’s and we added only P400.00 for customization)