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Because of the heavy rains last night, the roads going to my office in Pasay were still flooded as of early morning today.   As a result, I was not able to report.

But since I have two major reports to submit today, I was forced to work at home.  I have just submitted the 2nd report through email and I came to the realization that working at home is more stressful actually than working in the office.


  1. I was working with limited resources (only soft copy materials are available because they’re the ones you can easily send thru emails)
  2. It’s hard to give instructions to staff to dig into your office files if you are not pretty sure where they are kept (hehe)
  3. You feel double pressure when the boss calls you up to follow up on a rush document
  4. Coordination is difficult .
  5. And lastly, you can’t enjoy being at home if you are working!

So there.  It’s raining hard again and the wind is trying to knock down our plants outside.   A warm blanket and a warm hug is all I need right now.