AJ and I love to read books.   It is our common denominator.   His interests and mine were not exactly the same but we somehow influenced each other with each other’s preferences.   I remember when we were still in the getting-to-know you stage he gifted me with the book "See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism" by Robert Baer.    This was after we saw the movie, "Syriana".     The book is full of heavy stuff but that’s the kind of reading I like hehe.     That’s when I know that this guy is serious in getting to know me. 

Over the years we have collected books together and at the same time borrowed from each other’s collection.   We both like non-fiction books,  especially those about history.   

So when we got P5,000 worth of gift certificates from Fully Booked as wedding presents (many, many thanks to our 2 friends who gave them as wedding gifts to us), we couldn’t be more happier!

I immediately resurrected my book wish list (have been abstaining from buying new ones since we started planning for the wedding) and here are some of the books that are in my list for so long:

This book tells the story of black nannies during pre-Civil Rights revolution – their struggles and hardships.   Definitely  a movie material.

A story about a medical breakthrough with some family drama.  I think it’s explosive.

I’ve read a lot of book reviews telling how beautiful this piece of work is.   Lots of surprising little stories inside.

This is a controversial book about parenting.  I am not yet a parent but will become one soon, anyway, so why not start on some parenting books hehe.   Btw, I don’t think that Amy Chua’s style is crazy, and given our culture right now, I do believe children need more disciplining than before. 

How about you?  What are in your book list?

(Note:  all pictures are from Google)