I fear cockroaches.   I shriek and run everytime I see one.

So last night, alone at home (AJ works on a night shift), just as I was about to prepare myself to bed, I saw this big cockroach walking along our kitchen cabinet.   I shrieked of course, and realizing that I’m alone and have no one turn to, I mustered enough strength to kill the bastard insect.    I was so nervous I didn’t hit it bull’s eye right away so it ran and ran around the kitchen floor where it dropped.   That was fine with me cos I was able to grab the insecticide from the kitchen cabinet.     

After spraying a generous amount of the insecticide on the disabled cockroach, I felt relieved.   

Sigh.   I know that we have finally turned our apartment into a "home" when insects start creeping in.    Since we have an open kitchen area (covered only with chicken wires), it’s inevitable that flies and moths come in when we turn the lights at night.   I’ve tried citronella candles and oils but it looks like they work only for certain insects like mosquitos.   We keep our area clean always and we do not leave food in the sink.   But I guess insects like these will eventually find their way into our home just because.  

Time to stock up on those anti-cockroach and ants chalks.    I hope they work.