Who says ceramic stools are for gardens only?   Nowadays, they are being coveted and collected by homeowners to serve not only as pretty home accents but because of their multi-functional uses.   Just check at the many possibilities below:

This ceramic stool in avocado green shade is perfect as home accent:








I like the details of this floral white ceramic stool used as coffee table: 

A ceramic stool as a powder room chair is a pretty idea.  The oriental design of the stool below added a nice contrast to this soft pink-white room:

How about a ceramic stool to hold your books?

Locally, I’ve seen ceramic stools being sold at Dimensione for around P5,000 to P7,000, depending on the size.   Theirs are made of porcelain and have pretty hand-painted details, such as the one below: 

Now, shall we all go buy one?   =)

[Note: you may click on any of the pictures above (except the last one) to direct you to the site where I saw them, in case you want to see and read more about ceramic stools.]