Don’t just order for their popular ensaymadas and cheese rolls…

Instead, indulge in their very yummy chicken caesar salad…

…and classic carbonara, which is simply the best!

These little notes placed below the glass top of the dining tables are meant to be read.

And these books are meant for reading too, so get one and enjoy it with your meal =)

Dining at Cafe Mary Grace is always a pleasant experience for us.   We try to order something new each time we visit the place (the one at Serendra is our favorite) and so far we haven’t ordered something that left us disappointed.    Au contraire, it make us look forward to our next visit, with new dishes to try and new notes to read.

Next in our list:   Mary Grace’s Prawn Salad with Mango Papaya Vinaigrette and Fresh Tomato and Herb Pasta.