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Our wall clock finally broke down today.   It was giving us a time that is 2 hours late.   It was an old clock which AJ brought in from his parent’s home because it was just being kept there, unused.   We were happy then because we don’t have to buy one, but now we’re excited to buy one hehe.  Time is gold, you know, so you can’t afford to be running 2 hours late in everything you do.

I thought of checking eBay first because there may be branded wall clocks being sold at big discounts.  But guess what I saw?  An eBay store selling IKEA items!   Happy!   The seller is based in Davao and according to him/her:  “WE ARE A BRICK AND MORTAR IKEA RESELLER STORE (WE IMPORT AND RESELL IKEA PRODUCTS LOCALLY).  ALL ITEMS ARE AUTHENTIC IKEA PRODUCTS.

I found some items that I like, and thankfully I’m not an impulsive buyer for I might end up bidding for all of them.

Just check these out…

LACK side table, birch effect – priced at P750.00:








KRISTALLER Chandelier, 3-armed – just for P3,500:








IKEA Tajma Wall Clock in Red – P988.00 (a bit expensive for a clock?): 








LAGRA Work Lamp – P300.00 (now this is cheap): 








GRUNKA 4-piece kitchen utensil set, stainless steel – P450.00:  








There are other nice items at this eBay IKEA store that are tempting to have, but I have to remind myself that I’m supposed to be looking for a wall clock – not living room decorations and kitchen items hehe.

I ended up not bidding for the clock.    But have put the chandelier in my “watch” list hehe!

Goal this weekend:  look a nice-looking but durable wall clock  =)