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I discovered beaded bracelets with feng shui charms thru eBay.   I saw this feng shui seller who helped raised my curiosity about DZI bracelets.  I bought a few to see if indeed they will work as my luck, health and money charms hehe.

My DZI charm bracelets:   9-eyed DZI with citrine beads, 21-eyed DZI with tiger-eye beads and turtle shell DZI with lapis lazulis.

What does these stones symbolize and why did I choose them?

Citrine is said to bring opportunities, prosperity and protection.  Together with the 9-eyed DZI, it is said to bring unexpected blessings.

Tiger Eye enhances charisma and foresight balance.  It is further enhanced by the 21-eyed DZI which is said to offer the wearer strength and power.   I wear this bracelet charm especially when I’m scheduled for a meeting within or outside the office.

Lapis Lazulis are my favorite.  It stimulates wisdom, will and integrity.   In my line of work, these stones are a must-have.     The turtle shell DZI, on the other hand, is for good health.

Soon I was buying and collecting other charm bracelets.   I think I was drawn to their colors and design, on top of their supposed charms.

I have a love charm (rose quartz bracelet) which I enhanced with a lapis lazuli rhino to protect me from robbery, office politics and backstabbing: 

I have 2 bracelets with Gourd or Wu Lou, to cure sickness and bad luck stars.  They’re the charms I put in these big chunk lapis lazuli and jade bracelets:  

I love this unique Ally Bracelet.  I was born in the Year of the Snake and my allies are those born in the Year of the Rooster and Boar.  I totally believe this hehe, because the people I work best with at work were born under these animal signs.    The Mystic Knot, meanwhile,  is an auspicious feng shui object. 

This is my Prosperity 8 Bracelet in amethyst bead bracelet.   Not only is 8 an auspicious number in Chinese feng shui, it also turns a bad luck into a good one with its fluid, endless shape:

Finally, I have this Prosperity Fish carved in Coral in my other citrine bracelet: 

While the DZI and Alley bracelets were bought at eBay, the rest were bought at Greenhills.  There’s this stall (named “Bensani”) selling high-quality beads and charms that we frequent.  AJ and I have bought most of our bracelets there.    Below are just some of the beautiful bracelets being sold at this stall:

Now don’t ask me if I’m a hardcore believer of crystals and gems.   While I do believe that in some ways they seem to work, luck is just luck and nothing beats hard work, discipline and camaraderie to have good health, rewards at work and relationships, and less enemies.

But if you are like me who appreciates the beauty and charm of these bracelets, then, by all means, go collect them!