Last Wednesday was a happy one because I finally got the Cath Kidston bag I ordered at eBay.

Then today, I got another package again!  This time from Frances of Topaz Horizon!  

I know I just have to get my own Frannie and Vinnie Satchel Bag (but I coined it the F&V Satchel Bagparang H&M, D&G or P&G hehe!) because I’m now addicted to satchel bags.

The bag was neatly wrapped in white linen paper (or was it onion paper?).    

My very own F&V Satchel Bag!  What a beauty!

The bag’s craftmanship was impeccable!  The tanning was uniform all throughout and you won’t find a spot in the bag that is darker than the rest.  

Hand-sewn stitches all over.  Wow. 

The buckles of this satchel bag are so classy, clean and pulido. 

What more, the stitches connecting the buckles to the outer flap do not leave ugly marks inside the bag.    I actually like them!     

I also love the bag’s outer pocket.   The buckle outlines are cute! 

There’s also an inner pocket where I could keep some money hehe.  Note to Ms. Frances:  you need to put your own label tag here na.  

Oh, did I tell you that the bag smells great?   All authentic leather bags do!

Place your order now for an F&V Satchel Bag before leather gets expensive!   Just kidding!  Seriously, you should order now before the wait list gets longer  =)

Next in my list (and I will definitely have this before the year ends):  the School of Satchel bag!   I keep dreaming about the 13″ satchel bag in blue and that’s enough sign for me to save up for it!