This is such a beauty: 








The Melissa Loop is one of the stylish designs I like in the growing library of Melissa Shoes.  I saw one at Glorietta (I forgot the name of the shop though, sob!) and if I remember right, it’s priced at almost P5,000.   But this one I found online has cute patterns on it.

Here’s the description of the shoes from the official Melissa website:

A romantic version of loafers, fashionable this winter, in new colors and mysterious and subtle patterns. Its high heel, 9 cm high, is more structured, ideal for those with attitude and strong personality, without disregarding femininity, as evidenced by the application of a bow.

I personally prefer thick and structured heels rather than the stiletto ones because they’re easier to walk with.

This new version of the Melissa Loop is also available in these colors:  pink, azul and purple:  






















I also saw their original versions in red, candy pink and beige (from Pedacos de Cacau, a foreign blog):  








I hope AJ is reading this.  I want this for Christmas!!  Hehe!