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Among all our suppliers, Hizon’s Catering is probably the one which gave me all the emotions I would feel as a bride:  excitement, jitters, stress, relief and happiness!

Let me tell you the reasons why:

Excitement.   Hizon’s is one of our non-negotiable suppliers and we have decided early on during our wedding preparations that we will no longer try other caterers.   Hizon’s was the one which catered my brother’s wedding reception in 2009 so I know how good the food were and the set-up.   Their prices at the time we booked them (June 2010) may have increased a little but we still went with them because even with the price increase, we got loads of freebies plus they were accredited at the The Pergola, our choice of venue.

Jitters.    I had no problems dealing with Olah, our AE, at all.  In fact, I love her for her professionalism and the many help she has extended us until the event itself.  When I was having issues with our Planner, Grace, she was there to put my worries away.   She made me understand that a Planner’s job is not easy, she cannot be available 24/7 especially if there are events that she is scheduled to execute/facilitate.    She assured me countless times that I am in good hands and that 4 months before the wedding, the Planner will be on-hand full time to map out the details of the reception.   Olah did not disappoint.

Stress. When Grace, our Planner, finally went on-board for the detailing, I was very excited to work with her because I already have the details, every single detail, in mind and in paper so I believe I’ve been a very good client as well because everything is already in order and final.   Except maybe for the number of guests which we adjusted up to the last few weeks of the wedding.    Grace as a Planner is okey, but she is not like the others who will diligently answer your texts and get to you the answers to your queries fast but I realized she is a silent worker.    There were a few times that I became stressed out because I was not getting the last minute confirmation from the bridal car company, the approval of my request for the cake, etc. but Olah was there when I could not reach her (because she has events).

Relief. But during the actual wedding day – when the bridal car was already at Hotel Celeste an hour before the wedding, and when I saw The Pergola glowing with the set-up Hizon’s made according to my specifications, the overflowing food and the wonderful wedding cake, I know that Grace did a very good job.  She did not disappoint and in fact, delivered more.

Let the pictures below by Nat Lamano speak for themselves.

We used the terrace of The Pergola as the buffet area.    I think this picture was taken before the guests started to arrive.   Thus, the round table in the middle is still disorganized. 

The buffet table was lighted up (an upgrade that we got for free!) and silky olive green table linens were used, which blended well with the lights and gave us a night garden-feel reception:     

The food were just amazing!   They were a-plenty too and most of our guests went back for a second serving!    We did not pay additional fees to get these really yummy appetizers (everybody was telling us after that they were sooo good!) and the Roast Beef carving station.    

The desserts immediately sold-out!  Check how picture-pretty they were.  

Now let’s look at the other wedding details that personalized our reception event:

Our Seat Plan by Sis Joy of the Monogram Hub

Our DIY chocolate give-aways:    

I did this personalized table napkin holder from start to finish, all 150 of them.     Inside is the DIY leaflet for guidelines to our Photo Wall contest:   

Another DIY project:  the “Gifts” label for the gift table.   

Last, but not the least, our gift to the Principal Sponsors and Entourage – towel cakes by Montecielo:  

Our wedding was a success because the guests were happy with the food, the line to the buffet table was organized and the programme was short but fun (it also allowed our relatives to catch up with each other after the party).   Credit also goes to our wedding coordinators who did a pretty good job at executing our programme exactly as I envisioned it.

Additional points goes to Hizon’s also for:   (a)  assigning a Head Waiter for AJ and me who treated us like some kind of royalty hehe,  (b) for being so organized with the left-overs,  (c) smooth settlement of the balance and proper turn-over of receipts [Btw, we availed of their installment plan and paid for our reception food on a monthly basis.   Very, very helpful for couples on a budget like us) and (d)  gifting us with a bible and a Christian book  (thank you so much!)

So what else could I say about Hizon’s?    HAPPINESS!

SCORECARD:                                                                                       Service:    VERY SATISFACTORY  (the stress was all worth it!)           Output:    OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!                                                                  Price:        VERY AFFORDABLE!