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I love customizing my jewelries.   I get my inspirations from celebrities and fashion magazines.

Take these Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings that Kris Aquino was wearing during the eulogy she delivered for her mom in August last year:    







I remember being touched by her eulogy and cried alongside her, but I kept my eyes too on her earrings hehe.

The CC-logo in Kris Aquino’s earring was encrusted with swarovskis, and the drop pearl is just a  faux pearl. It’s just so pretty but I would learn later that the hardware comes in silver only.  And I prefer gold.

So I asked my jeweller to make one for me instead, with a smaller CC-logo encrusted with real diamonds and with real freshwater pearls as the drops.    My inspiration is this Chanel earrings being sold online at around P15,000 to P17,000:  

Here’s my own version, made of 14k yellow gold:    

My CC-logo earrings is removable from the pearl drops so it can be worn two-ways:  as stud CC-logo earrings or one with pearl drops!

And the price?   Very reasonable!  I added only a few thousands to the real thing’s price and I got mine in gold, with real diamonds and pearls.  Yipee!