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If you are a follower of The Bag Hag’s blog (like me), you’d know that she’s just been to India and have shared marvelous pictures from her trip.

I was totally enamored with the structural beauty of the places she’s been to, and was totally awed at how they were preserved for us later generations to appreciate.

But of course, as a jewellery lover, what captured my attention most were the jeweleries she featured on her trip to the Gem Palace.   My eyes were glued to these bracelets and bangles adorned with real diamonds (photo credit:  TheBagHag.com):  

They reminded me of these bangles I have collected.   I love collecting bracelets (although I rarely wear one, hehe).   

There was this shop at Glorietta before called “Asian Finds” from where I bought some of my bangles.   They remind me of the jewelery bangles from India.   The shop is itself a fusion of Asian finds:  bangles from India, bags from Thailand, jewelries with rubies from Burma, etc.

My collection started with these bangles bought from Asian Finds.   I think they’re vintage already because they’re more than 8 years old.     Too bad some of the little square “mirrors” have fallen off already.   

Meanwhile, I got this very stylish bangle with bell dangling charm from my mom, who got it from a flea market in New York: 

I love these gold-finished bangles that I bought also from Asian Finds, and have worn them at the office for a few times.  They never fail to get complements from my colleagues.  The details are really nice, and the bangles have not tarnished a bit throughout the years: 

Lastly, my mom also bought me these rose gold-colored bangles (I think they’re from Forever 21) and they’re great for evening parties because they shimmer like the old world diamonds (which have more carbon traces than the diamonds we have now):  

Now, why am I loving these bangle bracelets?   I think this blog post from The Jewelery Blog said it best.  To quote a few:

Bangles make ones eyes turn to the hands of the person and observe their movement.”   

“…they definitely do the trick at catching ones eye.”      

Gotta love them indeed!