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The “ber” months are here!   And I am already looking forward to decorating our apartment (I promised myself I won’t go overboard).    Red and gold are the color palettes I’m currently working with (but this could still change, depending on my mood hehe).

One thing for sure, we won’t be having a Christmas tree.   I just don’t think it’s practical to buy one, given our limited storage space.   So I’m thinking of the following instead:

Throw pillows!    Red throw pillows tied and decorated with festive ribbons are cool and very practical (you can re-use the red pillows for the valentine’s).  

Photo source:  Bangladeshi Blogger

Christmas balls in mantle glass / glass jars.    Very chic and will make a good conversation piece.     I am loving this one from Tatertots and Jello.  They’re actually ruffle balls made for Valentine’s Day.  I think it’ll be great with Christmas balls too!  

I wonder though if there are Moroccan-inspired glass jar at Dapitan Arcade?   There are big glass jars available at Landmark and SM but I want something close to this.  (note to self:  start looking for pretty glass jars, preferrably with top covers)

Yuletide pictures in frames.    I love paintings in frames.   I want some too, depicting the Christmas season like this art print by Dan Campanelli circa 1990.    They’ll look good with gold frames. 

Glittery fabrics for curtains.   I am thinking of Indian sari fabric as Christmas curtains, because they they have rich,glittery colors and the texture is very soft, almost georgette-like.   I found this one being sold at eBay, but it’s in UK huhu.   It’s in a very beautiful maroon color, with delicate floral details. 

On the other hand, this silk cream curtain with bold red damask pattern looks very contemporary yet versatile (available at curtainscurtains.co.uk):










How about you?    Have you started planning for your holiday home decors?   Share to us your design ideas!