The original Rufo’s Tapa restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City:    (source: Rufo’s Tapa website)    

27 years later, the restaurant is still there, but it looks modern now with the cemented structure, more open space and bigger logo:  

The restaurant now has an air-conditioned / closed area, if you don’t want to be eating with smokers:  

Their dining chairs look like car seats.  

What we ordered:

Rufo’s Famous Tapa (simply the best!) …

…. and the Chicken Sisig!   

The verdict:

Taste – Rufo’s tapa is famous for its sweet sauce.  It is perhaps the only tapsilog resto serving tapa with sauce.    We love the rich and original taste of the sauce but would gladly eat the tapa without it too.  The chicken sisig, on the other hand, lacks the kick of a real sisig (maybe because they didn’t use native onions?)

Serving size – Very generous.    Especially the chicken sisig which I think can fill in the appetite of 3 persons.

Value for money – Super budget friendly!  The tapa meal is only P98.00 and the chicken sisig is priced at P135.00.   We ordered an extra garlic rice (P15.00) for the sisig (it doesn’t come with a rice serving).

Resto’s Ambiance – The bold colors used in the interiors (red, blue and black) are all striking and somehow made the place look dark but it’s clean, nonetheless.    I wish though, that they retained the same eatery-type look and just air-conditioned the room.

Service – we went there for a late lunch (already at half past 4 in the afternoon) and maybe because business was slow at that time, there were fewer waiters looking into our needs.   We had to ask for the things we need but in fairness to them, they were able to get our orders and other requests right and fast  (that’s a tad better than having “attentive-looking” waiters but can’t get an order or request right).

One thing that bothered me though, after we have paid our meal and got our change, we were not provided with a receipt.   We have to ask for one.

Over-all experience – Good!   Will definitely go back again for Rufo’s unique tapa (but I’d love to try their crispy danggit).

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