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3 months have already passed since AJ and I said “I do” and I’m still not done with my supplier reviews hehe.   Well, I am actually saving the best for last.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that we got Love in Bloom as our florist.  Well, entourage and bride’s florist only because the flowers for the church were already included in the package we got.

I would say that the package I got from Ate Jo was a steal already, because they’re for 12 people, all hand-tied bouquets (including mine) and they’re less than P10,000!

There were only 2 meetings for me and Ate Jo – the first meeting was to discuss the details of the wedding, and talk about my preferred flowers and sign the contract, while the final one was for the detailing.

I honestly could say that among all my suppliers,  Ate Jo was the one I was able to bond with the most, because of a hot topic at Weddings at Work (w@w) that I asked her about and that we discussed at length.  As her client, I got really worried that her performance at this bride’s wedding would affect her succeeding clients (including me).     It’s a good thing I opened up the topic to her because she’s not aware of the blog post, and with this awareness came the realization that she has to do better now that a bad feedback has surfaced online and it would definitely impact her business.

Come my wedding day, I was both excited and nervous to see the flowers.   They’re the last to arrive and Ate Jo did not disappoint.

Here’s my beautiful, beautiful bouquet, so full and mabango:  

I originally wanted it in all-white (white tulips to be exact), but I would change my mind later when I realized that perfect white tulips might be difficult to find in the “rainy” month of May.   I played safe and opted instead for a variety of flowers (but they still have to be in white) then added some light green blooms for accent.   I also requested some fillers in blue color as I want my “something blue” to be visible.   Ate Jo was able to execute my idea very well and I could not be more happy with the outcome.

The entourage flowers were all beautiful as well but for some reason, none of our photographers were able to take pictures of their flowers up close (huhu).   The flowers for the moms were outstanding; the Anastacia Green Flowers and White Casablancas really stood out.  

Here’s another picture of the mini-bouquets, taken a day after the wedding (they’re amazingly still fresh, after being kept in the car overnight):

From left:  the Maid of Honor’s bouquet, an extra one from Ate Jo (the fuschia pink bouquet), and my “second” bouquet that I was not able to use because there’s no bouquet throwing in our programme hehe.

Btw, I got many other freebies from Ate Jo like the flowers for the bridal car, the groom’s boutonniere that we decided later on not to use, and a flower hairclip for me that I decided to keep hehe.   Ate Jo is truly generous!

Service:  Very Satisfactory
Price:      Very Affordable!