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I clearly remember the day I made my first jewelry purchase.   It was a half-eternity ring from the Moissanite shop at Glorietta that caught my attention.  It took some 3 more trips to the store before I decided to buy it.

Here is my first ever jewelry investment –  5 certified Charles and Colvard created Moissanite stones set in 18k white gold:  

You must be wondering why I chose Moissanite over diamonds.

Moissanite is not a synthetic diamond, it is a rare gem in itself.  It looks like a diamond and an untrained eye won’t notice the difference.   Moissanite also has higher brilliance and durability than a diamond.   And the best thing is, it costs way, way cheaper than a diamond!

I was so happy with my first purchase that I planned on buying one again, but this time I want it in a ring that I will design.   I really love its fire and brilliance so obviously my ring has to have the sun in it.  Nothing could be more brilliant and have more fire than the sun, right?

It took me a while to have this ring made because I bought the loose Moissanite stones (also at the same shop in Glorietta) at intervals.

Here’s my custom-made Moissanite ring, which I designed myself.    It’s also set in 18k white gold: 

My third and last Moissanite ring (last na k’se 3 rings of the same gemstone are too much already hehe!) was an engagement-type ring that was also custom-made and which I used as my middle finger ring hehe!  

You could say that I fell hard in love with Moissanites.   And who wouldn’t?   With a brilliance that is natural and outstanding, they make me feel extremely elegant and proud, without burning a big hole in my pocket.  

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