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Only 93 days more and it’s Christmas once again!   Have you found the perfect gift for yourself?   I have started drawing up my Christmas List and I think I’m going to simplify everything this year and get a personalized gift for everyone hehe.

But for myself, I am getting the satchel bag from the School of Satchel (SOS).    I am loving satchel bags at the moment and I think our locally-produced bags are really of top quality.   Just check my F&V Satchel Bag.  SOS uses only 100% genuine leather and  support Philippine leather industries by employing local manufacturing and using Pinoy materials for their products.

I am still undecided as of now on what color to get.   There’s just plenty of pretty colors to choose from!   

The Oxblood satchel bag is really pretty and stylish, and will look good on both formal and casual attire:   

Ooh, I am also liking this purple satchel bag!   A very yummy color, reminding me of Baguio’s famous ube.  

This Epi Pink and Dark Brown combination is striking and playful at the same time.     The texture of the bag is similar to Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather Collection, hence the name.  

How about a two-tone distressed satchel bag for me?  

SOS recently launched the SOS Pledges Program where in each two-tone satchel bought equates to a schoolbag donated to Kaeskwela.org.   So now I’m really confuse on which color and bag type to get hehe!

SOS satchel bags are available at Heima but they may be orderdd online too  at Multiply.

Happy News!   I got my beautiful oxblood red satchel already!  Merry Christmas to me!