We were at Makati Medical Center (MMC) last week because my mom has to undergo an operation to remove her gallstones.

We (her bantays) bought our food at Burger King, Pancake House and Mini Stop among the many food stores there at MMC but last Sunday, AJ and I chose to have our lunch at the Floating Island Restaurant for some home-cooked meal.

The restaurant has been re-designed, adopting a native look and earthly color palate (brown and green):  

We ordered the Chicken Salpicao which surprisingly has gravy.  It’s good nonetheless, but the serving is a bit small for 2 persons. 

There were so few vegetable dishes that day so we ended up with this assorted vegetable with quail eggs:   

The dish was so plain and yet costs the same as a McDonald’s chicken meal.

The Floating Island restaurant is perhaps MMC’s oldest tenant to date.  It is already an institution there and while the menu prices are bit high, I could see that MMC residents, patients and visitors would still patronize the place.  Service is good (the food attendant was very helpful when we were choosing our vegetable dish and even apologized for the lack of it),  and they have a wide selection of home cooked meals to offer like sinigang, sisig and pinakbet – something that patients (and their bantays alike) who can’t stand hospital food would surely crave after.