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Oh, I almost forgot to post pictures of Gideon’s first birthday celebration.

Remember the Tagaytay trip we took last month?   It was for Gideon’s 1st birthday.    He’s the youngest son of my officemate, Eve, and it was really a very happy birthday for this little boy who loves cars!

I took pictures of the venue which was transformed into a lively place with lots of balloons and cars!

Gideon’s birthday backdrop is really nice!      

I love this little race track.   

The kids’ area:  

Here’s Gideon with his Kuya Chris:   

We envied Chris’ face paint so we had ours too!   I chose a star with Gideon’s name under it:   

Look what AJ got on his face – a barcode! 

The entrance to the birthday venue was made to look like you’re in a race cup – really cool and nice!   

Looks like Gideon loves Tow Mater:   

The birthday program included, of course, the eternal “Bring Me” which I won with Kuya Ronggel (my Manager’s son who was also at the party), the Jericho-Jerusalem and the longest “Happy Birthday”.   The only thing we didn’t enjoy much was the Magic Show because the clowns were not good at concealing their magic props.  The kids present were all smart and were heckling them all the time haha!

Gideon’s successful birthday celeb made me all the more excited about my nephew’s birthday!   In a few weeks, Liam is turning 1 and a western party is what he will have.   Goody!