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I’m glad I posted my “inspiration board” for our  first Christmas at home.    Good surprises came as a result of that post  =)    We were able to finish our hunt for the home items on our list early, and we are now 80% done with the home re-decoration.

I originally wanted just red pillow cases for our sofa, like this: 

But I saw some really nice corduroy pillow cases at SM (locally made by Biencarlo, from the VTM Quilts Collection, Inc.) in the shades of red and light green so we got some.    We also bought this wonderful furniture cover in a lovely dark brown color, which gave our sofa a totally new look.

Here’s our sofa before the make-over:   

After the make-over (and looking Christmas-y!):  

Cost of sofa make-over:  20-inch green corduroy pillow cases  (P399.75 each x 3), little red corduroy pillow cases (P249.75 each x 2), brown furniture cover (P779.75), a total  cost of P2,478.50.  All items were bought at SM Homeworld.

Next, the curtains.    I wanted bold red damask patterns:  










What we saw at SM Homeworld were these lovely fabric curtains in various shades of red, all with damask prints!   And they’re on sale!  Buy one, take one for only P1,295.00.

It was so hard to choose!  Which do you think did we get?   =)    The curtains are currently with with a seamstress for cutting.  The cut-out cloth we will use as our dining table cover hehe.

Now the mantle glass jars.    I really, really wanted this one:  

There were plenty of these at SM but they cost too much for me (ranging from P600 to P2,000, depending on the size and design).   The closest I could find was this candy jar at the Landmark which is just P99.00:   

I bought the Christmas balls also at SM (I hope somebody from SM is reading this, they should sponsor my blog already!).   Total cost for the Christmas balls – less than P200.00.

I am almost content with this cute, little jar until….

I received a surprise text early this week from Ellen , the lady who gave me my Cath Kidston crush mugs,  sharing to me this incredible news: the mantle glass jars below are being sold at a local grocery store in Dumaguete, each with a price tag of less than P500!!    Yey!  

Ellen is no doubt my Christmas angel.   She bought one of tallest jars for me and hand-harried it to Manila.     We met today at Rockwell and I happily got my jar!   Too bad we can’t stay long to chat.

Thanks so much Ellen!    The mantle jar already found its rightful place at our console table:     

Now, let’s see.  I’m still missing something here.  The yuletide picture in frames!   Something that looks like this: 








We decided not to look for one anymore, since we already have this amazing canvas print that shows a Van Gogh painting.

And oh, we prettified our accent chairs too with these reversible pillow cases bought at the Landmark (P59.75 each).     

Now that our apartment has patches of red and green and gold (I deviated from my original motif of red and gold only by adding light green), I feel that Christmas is indeed here.

How about you?  Have you started prepping up your homes for Christmas?   Share some ideas and pictures!

Source for downloaded photos may be found at my post here.)