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Every time we’re at Rockwell we pass by Thomas Sabo’s store.   It looks like a very expensive store selling very expensive charms so for the longest time I’ve been controlling the tempt to check it out.  

Last weekend though, I saw that nobody’s inside the store so I grabbed AJ’s arm na and finally checked out their charms.   True enough, I was hooked the first time I laid my eyes on them:   

I looked around and saw rows and rows of charms in glass display drawers.   But there’s this one charm that caught my eye because it looks very much like the Links of London charm that I once featured here.

The Big Rock Charm from Links of London:  










Thomas Sabo’s Engagement Ring charm/pendant in 925 sterling silver with one set white zirconia stone:   










I must be so good that day, AJ bought me this charm/pendant!  Yehey! 

It really looks like my e-ring!  

My e-ring with my wedding band:   

Here’s the Engagement Ring charm, with my chunky charm bracelet:  

Thanks to my hubby, I now have a charm to start my collection with  =)    This particular charm will definitely hold a special place in my heart.

Charm up your life now with Thomas Sabo’s luxurious but affordable charms.  Check out his other collections here.