I have to thank my mom for introducing me to this Greek-Mediterranean food stall located at Glorietta 4’s Food Court:  

AJ and I haven’t been to G4’s Food Court for a while, and I only came to know about Go Greek when my mom suggested the place for lunch during our regular “bonding/malling” day.

I love the clean look and mediterrenean ambiance of Go Greek: 

My mom and I each had Chicken Gyro (priced at P115.00 each, same as the one served at Cafe Mediterranean), which comes in thick pita bread.  The grilled chicken wrapped inside was a-plenty, and the sauce was superb!    

I think I like this better now compared to the same gyro meal at Cafe Mediterranean.  This one is bigger, tastes better and has chunkier chicken meat.   The one at Cafe Mediterranean is smaller, but has the same price as this one from Go Greek.

We also tried the Eggplant Moussaka (P115.00 / serving that is good for 2), which, according to the guy at the counter, is like Eggplant Parmigiana, Greek-style: 

We were not able to finish this because…..we didn’t like it  =(

It turned out to have lamb (?) meat inside and it’s very oily.  I can taste some desiccated coconut here which I think was sprinkled on top of this baked dish.  Perhaps our taste buds aren’t ready for some exotic food, but it’s something I wouldn’t order again, sorry.

That aside, I’d still recommend Go Greek for their yummy gyros.