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I was at Tuguegarao last Sunday until Tuesday this week, for work.   We held a dialogue there and being a first-time visitor in the area, I know I just have to take some pictures as souvenirs hehe.

But too had we had a full sked pala so we only got to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Piat.  This was last Sunday, right after our arrival.

I was only able to take pictures of the Shrine from afar, since there’s an ongoing mass when we arrived: 

The miracles of Our Lady of Piat were displayed inside the shrine, in form of colored glass windows.    Novenas and prayers to Our Lady of Piat are said to be powerful, so I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to visit and pray at her shrine.

Tuguegarao, also the city capital of Cagayan, is known for its hot, hot weather and it’s a very rural place, with lots of open fields and bungalow houses and buildings.  There wasn’t much sights to see, but I was able to appreciate that because it’s only now that my eyes were able to relax – the cool green fields I saw in our travels to and from our hotel going to the venue were totally proved to be therapeutic.

But what was lacking in the scenery was compensated enough by the delicacies in Tuguegarao, which, by the way, serves one of the best garlic longganisas in Pinas (the other one being from Cabanatuan).

I loved (and is missing already) these Ube and buko-filled breads which are yummy and filling at the same time.  

The ultimate pasalubong favorite: Alcala Carabao Milk Candies.   

A surprise hit pasalubong:  Carabao Skin Chicaron!  

Too bad I only brought home 2 packs of these.

I definitely would love to go back to Tuguegarao to see more of the place.   =)    We traveled thru Air Philippines by the way, and there’s nothing bad I could say about them – our flights to and from Tuguegarao were both on time and were also very smooth (not a single turbulence, yey!).    They’re highly recommended if you want to take a plane there (which I would strongly advise, rather than take a 12-hour bus ride).