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Last Friday, AJ and I celebrated our 5th month anniversary as a couple.   We don’t get to celebrate our wedding anniversary each month, so we treated ourselves this time with a big and very expensive steak hehe!

We chose to dine in style at Myron’s in Rockwell.  

It was a very early dinner actually, because AJ works on a night shift and has to be at work by 8 p.m.

Good thing we already know what to order there – no less than the The President.

This beautiful steak is crusty on the outside and tender on the inside.   It’s sprinkled with pink sea salt.  Just look how it is swimming in its juices!   Haay, it was so sinfully good – you’ll want the time to stop so you can savor each and every bite.  

It came with Myron’s rice, which is I think just so-so.   AJ loved it, though.  I had plain white rice and I like that better because I was able to savor the goodness of Myron’s steak.    

We also ordered their Onion Rings which are very crunchy and thick-sliced.     

Dining at Myron’s, you are guaranteed of a 5-star meal that is worth every penny you pay.  This steak meal is probably the most expensive in their menu but it’s really, really good it’s worth that mindless swipe in your credit card haha.    We’d love to go back there, maybe on our 1st year wedding anniversary (kailangan pag-ipunan ito hehe!)  =)

Myron’s has branches at Rockwell Power Plant and Greenbelt 5.