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Yesterday was spent at the Rockwell Power Plant where we checked out the Global  Pinoy Bazaar:  

I learned about this bazaar thru Bianca Donato, the proprietress behind The School of Satchel (SOS).    I contacted her to finally confirm my purchase of the SOS bag, and she informed me that she will be at this weekend bazaar.

The bazaar was full of Pinoy products, some of which we may already be familiar with like Messy Bessy, SOS, Theo & Philo (popular for their artisan chocolates) and Fab Manila.   It’s really inspiring to see brands that started out as online stores in Multiply.com and have now captured the market.

Anyway, I was so excited to get my satchel bag so we immediately looked for the SOS stall.      Bianca was  busy arranging the bags when we saw her (dami na siguro buyers!)  For a while I thought someone may have already bought the oxblood satchel bag I’ve been eyeing (cos I forgot to tell Bianca to reserve it for me hehe).    Then she showed me the other available colors of the 13inches satchel bag and I almost went for the purple one haha!   I still ended up with my original choice, since it was a unanimous pick between me, AJ and Bianca!

A beaming me with my satchel bag and Bianca (the satchel lady)   =)    Doesn’t she resemble Iza Calzado?  

Happy with my bag, we went to check out the other stalls in the bazaar.  Most of them sells clothes and accessories, and lots of Angry Bird items (I find them cute but I’m not a fan of this game, sorry). There were other interesting items we saw, like these Cath Kidston-like oilcloth pouches from Fab Manila, which are being sold at P99.00 / piece:    

But the item that really caught my attention (enough for me to shell out P300.00 for it) is this Pinoy novelty slumbook that is absolutely komik and original.  It’s made by Witty Will Save the World, Co.  Just read the long title (“The “akala mo lang wala nang slumbook pero MERON, MERON MERON!“) in the cover and that will get you curious enough to open it.  

The pages inside were full of kwela but am sure my friends will happily fill out these pages (am telling you, some questions are difficult!):    

Okey, time to fill out the “owner’s page” of the slumbook:  

I’m already excited to show this “little gem” to my officemates and friends so they could start filling out the pages.    Perfect timing too, because the recent re-organization at our office has given us new roles to fulfill, and we have just been assigned to different departments.   So this slumbook is a perfect going-away activity I could give them before we finally bid goodbye to our team that has worked together for 7 years.

And now, let me do a little bag reveal here (like what the bag hag does hehe).  We were having our usual coffee break at Starbucks when AJ took these photos of my new 13-inch Satchel Bag in Oxblood red   =)       

Perfect color for the holidays!    And perfect size for my work stuff!

Made with love by SOS.  Proudly Pinoy.     

I was able to put all my stuff in the bag that includes 2 pouches, my long-size wallet, camera, cellphone and its charger and my medicine kit.

Oh by the way, while looking around the bazaar, I saw 2 other ladies carrying the signature SOS black slingbag (which holds their own satchel bags).   For me, that’s enough proof  that Pinoy satchel bags have finally made an impression to our discerning Pinoy fashionistas and bag lovers, which have gone really stylish (thanks to fashion blogs) but still remain practical.

I hope to see more of this kind of bazaar, but maybe Rockwell can lower the registration fee.  At P100.00 / head, it’s outrageously expensive.